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Stress comes in many forms and it does many adverse things to the body. Our jobs, our finances, traffic, broken appliances, kids’ sporting events scheduled while you’re en route home from work plus a dozen other things cause stress. When it hits the body, headaches, fatigue, body aches in addition to more serious things like hair loss, bags under the eyes and eyesight problems are only a few of the little joys stress brings us. Moving day is no fun, but it doesn’t have to give you a stroke. Some tips might even help it be a smooth move.

The Search

When shopping for apartments, every woman checks the apartment listings for storage space and closets. While the kids are at school and hubby is at work, guess who packs the house out and guess who unpacks it to store it? So storage and closet space are of paramount importance to a woman. As a matter of fact, occasionally an extra bedroom used for storage is a good idea, so when checking the listings at Apartment, be sure to check for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, depending on how many bedrooms are needed.

The Prep

Now that you’ve found an appropriate apartment in your location of choice, it’s time for some spring cleaning. Being ruthless about extraneous things, call the Salvation Army or Goodwill to come pick up what you’re not moving. That erases quite a bit of stress. Next, grab a notebook and pen because it’s time to organize the packing. Into a room you’re not using every day, write down what you don’t use frequently, if at all, then pack it out. Next comes things you don’t use every day and won’t bother with until you unpack it in your new apartment. List these in your notebook, then pack it out.

The Tools of the Trade

Everybody knows how to raid the grocery store for produce boxes in which to pack the books. Everybody knows to head for the department stores in town to get tall boxes for odd-sized things or boxes of all sizes for clothing, toys, computer components and the like. Have you thought of clear plastic totes? Most dollar stores have them for next to nothing and they can be collected up at the rate of a few each week until the move. Clear plastic totes can be written on in magic marker so that the next move the same things go into the same tote, no muss no fuss. Their contents can be seen in addition to decisions whether to store or unpack made simple.

You’ve reduced your stress regarding moving day by using time management and organization. You’ve packed out what isn’t needed, so all that’s left is what you use every day. Backpacks such as the ones children use for school can hold a couple changes of clothing as well as having pockets for personal grooming items, any medications needed, an MP3 player or electronic games or books, plus some snacks. Clear plastic trash bags could hold linens needed for the move such as sheets, pillows, bath towels and the like. Soaps and shampoos can go into the backpacks.

In the kitchen, a great deal of stress can be tossed out the window by packing out the kitchen while eating off paper plates or ordering out the last couple days before the move. Leaving cabinet and closet doors open allows all to see that they’ve been packed out and some stress is removed knowing you’re not forgetting anything. Plus, ordering out those last couple days is fun so you can laugh with your family and enjoy their company before it’s back to work packing.

Moving Day

Nothing feels as good as the last tote or the last piece of furniture coming off the truck, does it? You’re home. The mountain of totes and boxes in the spare bedroom can be unpacked tomorrow because you’ve won the day by being organized and singing to your iPod during the move. Congratulations, you have rented an apartment, the furniture placed as you want, miles of packing tape to cut through on the totes and boxes, but you’re home. And you did it stress-free.