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Moving into your first apartment can be super exciting! You want to bring everything and you definitely want to make sure you don’t forget anything. But, sometimes there is not room for all of your belongings, and a lot of times we forget the simple most important items to bring. Here is a list of the most important items to bring; you can get the rest as you go:


1. Bed. Buy yourself a decent size bed. Get rid of your twin bed or air mattress and treat yourself to a comfortable full or queen-sized bed (depending on the amount of space your bedroom offers).


2. Couch. Using the floor, card table or porch chairs as your living room furniture might seem like an okay idea to start, but they are uncomfortable and they definitely do not give off that homey feel. You can find inexpensive couches at many different home stores, and you will be so happy that you spent the money.


3. TV. Watching shows on your computer is definitely convenient, but do you really want to have to wait that extra couple of days to watch your favorite shows on the internet? If you plan on having guests over, do you really want to all be crowded around your small computer screen?


4. All purpose table and chairs. Eating on the floor is crappy. A table with chairs is a must. If there is not a lot of space in your apartment this table can play many different roles: dining table, desk, or even extra counter space for your kitchen.


5. Curtains. Do you really want to give your neighbors a front row seat to your life? Invest in curtains, they add texture and color to a room, allowing/not allowing light to come in, and give you the privacy you need so you are not your neighbors’ favorite show.


6. Lamps. Lightening in a room is key to setting the mood. Those fluorescent lights from the ceiling may give your room a yellowish tint and you a headache. Lamps are a good way for you to decide how much light you want in a room at any given time.


7. Smoke alarm and CO2 detector. Fires are devastating and CO2 is unhealthy. Your landlord is responsible for providing these, but it is your job to make sure that they are in your apartment.


8. Plates and Silverware. Homes do not use paper plates and plastic ware.  They have pretty dishes, and silverware.


9. Cleaning Materials. Make sure you have all the supplies needed to clean up after yourself and disinfect in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space. And now that you have those plates and silverware, you are going to want to need to clean them.


10. Stackable Storage Containers. Apartments are notorious for not offering a lot of storage space, so it is necessary for you to stay neat and organized. This well help you when finding places for your toiletries, video games, office supplies, bills, etc.


11. Shower Curtains. Water will get all over the floor if you do not have a shower liner and curtains make your bathroom homey.


12. Microwave. Sure you are excited to make some home-cooked meals, but lets be serious…sometimes you will need to make something on the run or you will just be to lazy too slow cook that roast.