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Finding a roommate is not as simple as it sounds. There are many points of conflict that could arise between people that intend to reside in a common domicile. Before selecting a roommate, each person should interview their prospective candidates to determine if each roommate would be compatible with their particular lifestyle.

Some of the most common compatibility issues are listed below:

Lifestyle Issues. Many people keep different hours. Some people prefer to work during the day and sleep or party at night. Other people prefer to work at night and sleep all day. This is a personal preference. If your roommate’s partying is going to disturb you, then you may want to consider a different roommate or devise some rules to prevent any disturbance.

Cleanliness Issues. Cleanliness issues are major source of contention. The cleaner roommate is always annoyed and bears most of the responsibility of maintaining a clean household. Roommates should establish a chart to determine each roommate’s responsibility. Organization will reduce conflict in the household.

Privacy Issues. Are you a private person or an open book? Would you mind if your roommate entered your room without permission or are you the person that allows everyone into your room to pry? Everyone has a different level of privacy that they prefer to maintain. If you are a private person, an open person may overstep boundaries and make you uncomfortable. Consider this factor before selecting a roommate.

Morality Issues. Realistically, roommates are not going to agree on all points of view, but you should not compromise your basic moral principles. For instance, a Christian church person may feel uncomfortable in a home with a person filming a porn movie with their girlfriend every night. Express your deal breakers regarding morality, before you enter into an agreement with a roommate.

Financial Issues. Friends are typically aware of each other’s financial situation. But, you may not be aware of the financial situation with a roommate candidate. While you do not want to pry and make your roommate feel incredibly uncomfortable, you should determine if the roommate is capable of meeting their financial obligations.

Visitors. You may trust your roommate, but their friends are a different situation. Your roommate may not violate your rules or steal from you, but their visitors might. Ensure that you know the type of company your roommates keep to determine if the visitors will become a point of contention.

Roommates and Kids. Roommates with kids may be difficult for a person with no kids. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to monitor a young person’s behavior than an adult. Be certain that your temperament and sleep patterns can handle kids.
Where to Find a Roommate
Several websites online list apartments and roommates. offers people that are moving a number of different options to find an apartment. Whether you are moving into a one, two or three bedroom apartment, there will be plenty of apartment options to help people meet their financial obligations. Rent an apartment through Apartment Quest and all of the resources are listed in one location. Apartment rental listings will identify appropriate apartments to meet your rental needs.

Just do a search in google for “roommates” and you will find numerous websites that are available to help you locate one. Do not limit your search to online sites. Expand the search by communicating your need to friends, family and other people that may be able to aid in your search. College campuses are a good place to find roommates as well. Some people also find that co-workers are good potential roommate candidates. Keep in mind that if you are working and living with the person this may be more than a person could have anticipated.

Before selecting a roommate, find a number of apartments in your price range. Communicate your budget to your roommate, so they will know their portion of the rent. Two roommates will probably prefer a two bedroom apartment. This is typically preferable than sharing a room if the two people are not intimately involved.
Finding apartments for rent and roommates may be facilitated by using websites such as the Local apartments in your area can be found easily to accommodate the needs of both you and your roommates. Search the listings on Apartment Quest to find the most compatible apartments in your area. Good luck in your roommate search.